//  Based: London, UK
//  Genres: Slacker Pop / Grunge-Pop / Indie Rock
//  Years Active: 2018 - present
// Members: Siân Alex (guitar & vocals)
     Sara Kleppe (bass) and Scott Hislop (drums)

Short Bio

Dreamy grunge-pop fermented with the knotty impatience and potent vulnerability of obsessive-compulsive songwriter Siân Alex, North London outfit Gold Baby serve an own-brand concoction of confessional indie-pop.

Gold Baby pairs the neurotic verbosity of Fiona Apple with the white noise nonchalance of Pavement. Packaging cryptic lyricism and delicately fractured guitar parts with surges of power-pop and feedback, Siân describes it as ‘what it might sound like if Sufjan Stevens wrote a Weezer song’.


Following the success of Philadelphia at the end of 2019, the bands first two releases in 2020 will be Dogbone, released on Jan 10th and Japanese Racehorse, which will be released with a single launch at The Waiting Room (N16) on Monday the 17th of February. You can a live video of Dogbone at the top of the page and a live performance of Japanese Racehorse further down the page.


Find out more about both tracks and what's next for Gold Baby via the press release links below.


You can find live performances of both tracks on this page - Dogbone, at the top and Japanese Racehorse further down.



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